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Maximizing Space: Top Tips for Short-Term Storage Success


Looking into self storage space for your items? Renting a storage unit provides a convenient place to stash extra belongings, but a few smart strategies will ensure that space meets your needs for the full duration of your rental. Follow these tips for optimizing your short-term storage space and keeping the process simple.

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Tips for an Efficient Short-Term Storage Rental

Rent the Right Size Storage Unit

Choosing the right unit size avoids wasting money on unused space or cramming items into a too-tight fit. Consider the volume and dimensions of what you’ll store, including room to move around. Our storage calculator suggests a recommended size range to start. Also factor in extras like shelves or frequent access when sizing up options.

Pack Like a Pro

Strategic packing makes storing and retrieving a breeze. Use consistent sized boxes and label clearly for easy identification. Take an inventory list so you can keep track of box contents, too. Break down bulky furniture pieces into manageable pieces. Prevent moisture damage by keeping items clean, dry, and off the floor. Proper packing at the start prevents headaches down the road. Check out more packing tips from our experts!

Map It Out

Strategically organize items you’ll need often near the door, while leaving your valuables and longer-stored items toward the back. Creating neat rows with pathways allows for smooth retrieval and rearranging. Having a plan for the layout will help you make the most of the space.

Lock It Up

Keep your goods secure by fully locking up the unit and using covers or tarps inside when possible. Fragile items may need reinforcements like bubble wrap when stacked, so stop into our Parma, Ohio, office to stock up on supplies before you move your items in.

Get In and Out

Pick a place that fits your routine, whether that’s close to home or along your commute. Make sure the facility’s access hours work for you as well—some are much more extensive than others. Consider opting for a first floor unit or one near the elevator to make loading a painless process. Quick access makes storage more practical sense if you plan to visit your storage space frequently.

Use Your Vertical Real Estate

Make the most of the unit’s height by safely stacking lighter items on shelves and heavier boxes below. Just be sure to keep it stable. The vertical space above provides prime storage real estate, so make use of it if you can.

Month-by-Month Leases at ProSafe Storage

Searching for space close to you? ProSafe Storage proudly offers an extensive selection of short-term storage options to cater to your unique needs. Our temperature-controlled units ensure that your belongings are kept in pristine condition, no matter how long you need to store them.

Navigate through our user-friendly website to explore the available units and manage your rental with ease. We’ve also compiled a wealth of free resources, designed to assist you in choosing the perfect storage unit size and amenities to suit your requirements. And should you have any lingering questions or wish to talk through your storage needs, our team of dedicated professionals is on hand, ready to provide tailored solutions at our office. Choose ProSafe Storage for your Parma, OH, storage!

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